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A new direction

When you’re facing major change personally or professionally, finding a new direction takes courage and commitment. Whether you’re dealing with redundancy, setting up a new venture or starting pre-retirement planning, Cambridge Coaching Consultancy can work with you to:

  • Explore opportunities
  • Develop a positive and compelling vision for the future
  • Harness your strengths and turn dreams and ambitions into reality

This is a stage when we all hope to have found our place in the world. Whatever choices we've made so far, it's likely that we know who we are, what we're good and at what we enjoy doing. We may still have very active and successful careers, with plans for retirement a long way off, if ever. We may have strong relationships which bind us to our families and communities.


But it can also be a time when we have to review where we've got to and what comes next. Unexpected life events, the threat of redundancy,a desire to fulfil a long held ambition, or a significant birthday looming - these moments can throw us off track and make us wonder where we're heading in the future.


When we feel like this, we need to celebrate our achievements, call in all our resources and get fired up again. We can use our considerable experience , skills and talents to take us in new directions. The choice is yours.        

What you say

  • I've always wanted to run my own business
  • My job isn’t secure and I’m worried how I’ll manage if I’m made redundant
  • It’ll be good to have time to myself but it’ll be strange not going to work any more
  • Retirement isn’t for me – I’m not ready to stop working yet
  • Things haven't quite turned out the way I'd hoped

Coaching can help you to

  • Manage transitions and develop new meaning for the future
  • Use redundancy as a catalyst for change
  • Make the most of your skills and experience to take you in new directions
  • Find your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Create positive strategies to live a fulfilling life after retirement