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Success at work

When you’re an ambitious, professional woman in a demanding senior management or leadership role, finding a safe environment to think through your workplace challenges and develop your unique talents can be difficult.


Cambridge Coaching Consultancy can offer you that space and work with you to:

  • Enhance your personal presence and brand
  • Hone your strategic influencing skills and leadership capabilities
  • Create a successful career path alongside a balanced and fulfilling private life

This is the time in your career when you're moving ahead and making a name for yourself. But sometimes it feels as if you're stuck in the doldrums, knowing what you want to achieve but not quite sure how to get there.


You may want to head up a specific function or establish yourself as an expert in your field. You may keep getting to the final round of interviews but never quite clinching the deal.You may have got the promotion you've worked for but the long hours are getting in the way of your personal life.


Whatever the issue, make sure frustration and anxiety don't get the better of you and stop you making real strides in your career. This is the time for fulfilling  your aspirations and enjoying a happy and productive working life.



What you say

  • Juggling work and home leaves me feeling frazzled
  • Really excited about my new role but suddenly seems like a big step up
  • I'm putting in long hours but not getting ahead
  • My team isn’t working – too many difficult personalities
  • Am feeling demotivated and a bit stuck

Coaching can help you to

  • Develop your management or leadership style
  • Establish your reputation and make an impact
  • Build supportive networks
  • Boost your confidence and manage stress positively
  • Improve performance and delegate effectively