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What is coaching

Expanding work and lifestyle options are wonderful. They can offer us positive life and career enhancing choices but with an uncertain economic climate and an increasingly competitive job market, demands on our time, energy and resources also continue to spiral.


Cambridge Coaching Consultancy can help you thrive in this tough environment, develop a positive vision for the future and create a satisfying personal and professional balance that works for you.


Professional coaching is proven to be a useful tool across sport, life and in business, both for individuals and teams, helping them unlock personal and group potential and develop unique skills and talents.  People are at their best when working towards a goal or challenge and a professional coach helps them to define their goals, be inspired to reach inside themselves and grow, to find solutions and achieve success.


Coaching has been identified as one of the top five management and leadership development tools for women who want to get ahead in business.  So whether you’re taking your first steps on the career ladder (or "jungle gym" as Sheryl Sandberg has renamed it), looking for promotion or balancing life at the top of your organisation, business management coaching is a powerful and effective way of overcoming challenges and accelerating your progress.


So, what exactly is coaching? Coaching is a pro-active, collaborative relationship, where coach and client work in partnership to achieve results.  Using skilled listening, clear goal setting and practical exercises to explore key issues, Cambridge Coaching Consultancy offers a confidential and supportive coaching process to help you develop clarity of focus and a real insight into what being successful and happy means for you.


Coaching supports you in sustaining personal and professional growth through important life and career transitions.  If you’re dealing with major change, facing redundancy or wondering what retirement might mean for you, taking charge of the situation and developing a pro-active approach will help you make positive decisions and choices.

Coaching by external practioners is identified by over half of CEOs and senior managers as something they wish they had received earlier in their careers.


Source: The Business Benefits of Management and Leadership Development, February 2012